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  • Assessment

    Expertise in Psychological Reports & Psychometric Testing at Thrive Psychology

    At Thrive psychology, our team of highly skilled psychologists excel in providing comprehensive psychological reports and psychometric testing services.

    Our Specialised Assessments Include:

    • Academic Achievement Testing: Thorough assessments to gauge an individual's academic proficiency, identifying strengths and areas for improvement.
    • Specific Learning Difficulties Assessment: Comprehensive evaluations to pinpoint and understand specific learning difficulties, guiding tailored intervention strategies.
    • Cognitive Assessment: In-depth cognitive assessments to measure cognitive abilities, providing valuable insights into intellectual functioning.
    • ADHD Assessment (Child & Adults): Specialised assessments for children and adults to diagnose and understand Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), facilitating targeted support.
    • Autism Assessment (Child & Adult): Comprehensive evaluations to diagnose and understand Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), fostering a better understanding of an individual's unique strengths and challenges.
    • Career & Vocational Assessment: Tailored assessments to identify strengths, interests, and potential career paths, assisting individuals in making informed vocational decisions.
    • Pre-employment Assessment: Evaluation of psychological fitness for specific job roles, ensuring a match between individual capabilities and job requirements.
    • Medico-legal Assessment: Rigorous assessments conducted in a medico-legal context to provide accurate and comprehensive reports for legal proceedings.

    Why Choose Thrive Psychology for Assessments:

    • Expertise: Our psychologists are highly skilled in conducting various assessments, employing the latest methods and tools.
    • Ethical Standards: Thrive Psychology adheres to the highest ethical standards, ensuring confidentiality, respect, and professionalism in all assessments.

    Contact us today to schedule an assessment or discuss your appointment needs.