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Mental Health Plan (MHP)

Mental Health Plan (MHP) and Thrive Psychology

To take advantage of a Mental Health Plan with Thrive Psychology the following must occur:

  • Seek a review with your GP
  • Your GP will conduct a Mental Health Assessment, if your condition fits the necessary criteria, your GP will submit a MHP to Medicare and provide you with a referral to Thrive Psychology
  • This will enable you to receive five (5) sessions in the first instance.
  • Thrive Psychology is NOT a bulk billing practice, you would be expected to pay the full fee.
  • You are then able to take your receipt to Medicare where you are able to claim $84.80 (as at October 2013)
  • Following your 5th session, your psychologist will provide your GP with a letter advising the outcome of treatment, if necessary a further five (5) sessions can be recommended.
  • You will need to visit your GP, who will conduct a review of the Mental Health Plan which will be submitted to Medicare, enabling a further five (5) sessions be to be claimed.
  • A total of ten (10) sessions can be claimable through Medicare in the course of a calendar year.

If you have Private Health Insurance - you are able to advise Thrive Psychology of your fund. Once we are registered with that fund (which is generally a fast and easy processes, carried out by Thrive Psychology) you are able to claim additional sessions through your health provider, depending upon your level of coverage. Most Health providers, will not cover this cost until your MHP has been exhausted.

Important information: You must have a referral from your doctor made out to Thrive Psychology, or naming one of our psychologists. The referral must indicate how many sessions they are requesting, this can be between one (1) and five (5). Your doctor must lodge your MHP with Medicare and it is beneficial if this is provided along with your referral to your treating psychologist.

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