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Formal Workplace Mediation

What is Formal Workplace Mediation?

Formal workplace mediation is a service designed to help disputing parties in a workplace situation. It is a process in which parties can make their own mutually acceptable and workable agreements concerning issues that are in dispute. Workplace mediation is conducted by an impartial, non-judgemental, professionally qualified third person(s) who assists parties to identify their issues, explore a range of options and endeavour to reach an agreement together.

Mediation is a non-determinant dispute resolution process and is used to assist in resolving disputes between individuals and/or multiple parties.

Mediation is a confidential process.

How Does it Work?

To commence the mediation process, all parties in the dispute require a commitment to discussing their differences and a desire explore options to achieve resolution.

Initially, parties will be interviewed separately. Parties will then meet together in a safe and structured environment working through a structured mediation process. Parties will be assisted to develop an agreement that is mutually beneficial.

Workplace mediation is not appropriate in all circumstances. Mediators carefully assess the suitability of mediation for each party to determine whether other options may be more suitable.

Mediators do not decide, judge or recommend solutions. They do however, guide the parties to reach their own settlement by using the mediation process.

What are the benefits?

  • It helps parties make individually, mutually beneficial agreements.
  • Agreements that are worked out together are more likely to suit both parties and to last over time.
  • It allows both parties to keep control of the decision making process.
  • It is safe, private and confidential.
  • It can save your organisation time, money and stress in the long term.

When would you consider Formal Workplace Mediation?

Anxiety can be reduced through the If there are:

  • Disputes between two individual employees in a workplace situation
  • Disputes between management and an employee(s)
  • Disputes occurring with more than 2 parties in a workplace situation
  • Disputes with the whole workplace or team

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