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What is Counselling?

Counselling is a process of talking about and working through your personal problems or concerns with a counsellor. A counsellor is a trained and objective professional who can offer different types of assistance; generally talking-based styles of therapy. It is completely confidential and tailored individually to suit you so that you can be comfortable and at ease through the session.

Counsellors can help you address your problems in a positive way. They can help you clarify the issue/s, explore options, develop strategies to assist you and increase mindfulness and self-awareness.

What can counselling help with?

Anyone who is struggling with a personal concern can seek counselling. Some of the common issues that people seek counselling for include:

  • stress, anxiety and depression
  • grief and loss
  • communication and relationships issues
  • work and career issues
  • life transitions such as the birth of a new baby, separation or divorce
  • parenting
  • addiction
  • abuse
  • trauma
  • self-esteem difficulties
  • exploring their gender identity and/or sexuality.

Not all counsellors are professionally qualified. There is no law in Australia that requires a person who provides counselling services to have qualifications or experience. Rest assure, at Thrive Psychology all our Counsellors are experienced and highly trained Psychologists.

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