Thrive Psychology

Conflict Resolution

What is Conflict Resolution?

Conflict resolution is the methods and strategies used to facilitate the peaceful ending of conflict.

Conflict resolution can be undertaken in differing contexts –

1. We are able to assist people to manage conflict between others effectively, ie: if your work environment has a dynamic that can be argumentative in nature it is essential to be skilled in managing situations to avoid conflict festering and turning into expensive claims or impacts upon work productivity.

2. We are also able to assist directly with the resolution of conflict, formally through Mediation, or more informally through joint discussion.

Conflict resolution takes into account body language and verbal communication style. Learning techniques to read a person’s body language and know verbally how and when to respond is a valuable tool for managers, supervisors and key personal.

Often people get promoted to a senior position due to their skill at the job, but have few ‘people’ skills. Providing training and education in conflict resolution can turn a skilled employee into a fantastic senior staff member.

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