Thrive Psychology

Melissa Giaouris

Melissa Giaouris is a rehab counsellor with 7 years experience at thrive

Bachelor Rehabilitation Counselling

Based in Thrive’s Sydney office, rehabilitation counsellor Melissa Giaouris has more than seven years’ experience as a workplace rehabilitator, and is a full member of the Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counsellors (ASORC).

Melissa completed a Bachelor degree in Rehabilitation Counselling at the University of Sydney, and has widespread training in Acceptance Commitment Therapy, critical incident management, and mental health in the workplace training.

She was driven to work in rehabilitation services as she is passionate about assisting individuals to recognise and draw on their personal strengths to achieve their goals.

As a workplace rehabilitator, Melissa has extensive experience in vocational assessment and counselling, managing complex psychological injuries in the workplace, and redeployment services.

Her training and past experience has also equipped her to provide counselling services to trauma and critical incident victims.

Melissa’s treatment approach is all about working with each client in a way that is evidence based but also strategically tailored to suit the individual.

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