Thrive Psychology

Chloe Backen

BPsycSc & GradDipPsychAdv

Chloe is based in our Wollongong office and also works in our Nowra office. Chloe has been registered as a provisional psychologist working with various presentations for the past two years.

Chloe currently works with private referrals, NDIS participants, employee assistance program, assisting individuals to return to the work force after a physical or psychological injury and has experience with a variety of ages including early adolescents through to the elderly.

Chloe believes in a holistic approach and understands that many factors can contribute to mental health. Chloe favours lifestyle methods including diet, sleep, physical activity, behavioural activation and dearousal management as a basis for positive change. Chloe utilises a range of therapeutic modalities and techniques depending on her clients’ needs.

Chloe holds value in a collaborative approach with other allied health practitioners treating her clients, this may include Psychiatrists, Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapist, Dieticians, GP’s and Specialists.

Chloe has a compassionate style and seeks to truly understand her clients struggles by allowing them to feel safe and relaxed in session.

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