Thrive Psychology

Adam Sadd

Bachelor of Science (Honours) major in Psychology (University of Southern Queensland)

Adam is a Provisional Psychologist and an Associate Member of the Australian Psychological Society, at the Sydney Branch. He graduated from the University of Southern Queensland and holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) with a major in Psychology.

Adam has previously worked in Human Resources and Recruitment at both the organisational and individual level. Adam has experience supporting people through different life events such as unemployment, the death of a loved one, physical and mental disability, career transitions, workplace conflict or changes in relationships. Adam has experience supporting people through these different life events and the impact they have on them, their careers, and their relationships.

Adam uses Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy to assist people. Adam works in partnership with clients so that the therapy provided is personally meaningful, while providing opportunities for growth and change.

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